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Fast Encoding from Wavpack (.ISO.WV, .WV) Audio Format on Linux

I wish I could post on a more regular basis these days, but the other things keep me off doing so… Anyway, I came across another need of conversion between formats, this time from wavpack (.iso.wv). Wavpack is an audio format claiming to be useless… sorry lossless and can be widely found over the internet, so we have to know how to bring it to our ipods and other not very useless hardware.

The needed software is described in the previous article, so now it is quite fast and simple.

Provided you have got a directory full of wavpack files, unpack the wav and cue files first.

for F in *.wv ; do wvunpack -cc "$F" ; done ;

Backup the source files:

mkdir bckp
mv *.wv bckp/

Encode all to mp4 just with one line:

for F in *.cue ; do shnsplit -o 'cust ext=m4a neroAacEnc -q .62 -if - -of %f' -f "$F" -t "%n.%p - %a - %t" ${F%.*}.wav ; done;

Backup the wav and cue files in case something goes really wrong past this point.

mv *.cue bckp/
mv *.wav bckp/

The output will be a huge number of .m4a files which are ready for easytag.

%n.%a - %t

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