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Below are my general principles that I aim to regard highly as a professional freelancer for my new and appreciated clients, any comments posted would be most welcome.


trust puzzleBuilding a long-term mutually beneficial working relationship is considered to be of most importance in any freelancer’s career, mine for sure! A good reputation is a high personal priority, therefore any and all information regarding myself I deliberately made public on my website, where you also may find some positive feedback from my previous clients.


Blackberry 9790As an experienced programmer I understand the importance of efficient communication. I am fluent in English and speak some German, however, I mention communication here not in sense of speaking languages but in sense of mutual understanding. Sometimes, the problem of many of the projects is lack of communication. If I feel there any I would always want to openly discuss all the issues with my client.

Job Descriptions

jobbdescrWe do use that. Creating clear job descriptions allows to avoid most common development pitfalls and misunderstanding. If you have no experience in producing job descriptions then why not creating it with the common effort?

I am open for changing and appending job descriptions during the development process however clients should kindly consider that such changes might involve corrections to project costs and terms. Thus, when creating the job description, I aim to delve into project details as deep as possible. Clients are always kept aware of what part of the project is programmed on the daily basis by using various professional development tools.

Reusability And Extensibility

reusabilityI understand fully that keeping quality high alongside with keeping costs low is among the client’s main priorities. The code I produce is highly reusable and is written according to the best programming practices. I stick to the principle of ‘Do not Repeat Yourself’ (D.R.Y.) and ‘Keep It Stupid Simple’ (K.I.S.S.). The code I write is commented in most important places for future reference and is clear and understandable for any next programmer with perhaps a lower qualification level.

Technology, Psychology And Problem Solving

problem-solvingI never discuss the technological solutions used in the projects I join until asked, just do the things I am requested. I do not care about people modifying code written by me should it serve the purposes of peace and fraternity. I welcome, and have often been assigned, to fix code written by other programmers with the lowest level of arrogance.

At the same time, I have a great passion for PHP-MySQL technology as well as some good experience in development of web applications and server and opcode optimization. I can have my own vision on which technologies should be used for planning new projects of different scope and I am always open to discuss technological possibilities with my clients. I believe that I always can find a decent php solution to any problem or requirement in the project if such a solution would principally exist and the client is open to hear my opinion.

Efficiency And Professionalism

efficiency-professionalismI am very particular about project details to get things done and rolling. I aim to get things done and done in time which can be confirmed by any of my former clients. I consider it a personal goal and priority to reach milestones and deadlines exactly in time and consider failing to do so losing reputation.


hugely-overqualifiedCome on, it’s my job and I believe I am a professional…


save-moneyI prefer to make all payments with a bank transfer against my invoice after the work has been done. However, if you want to make a prepayment, please discuss the possibilities with me.

Charging more that it was agreed before for the work which has been already done sounds ridiculous to me, all financial things are taken care of strictly beforehand and are thoroughly discussed. No unexpected or extra charges is guaranteed.

I expect my clients to be accurate with their payments, just similar to my professional work attitude. This is mostly because this is the only expectation I have from my client in return for my input. Also, I can discuss some steps to be taken to secure correct payment flow at the project start, especially with new clients.

A Sort of Disclaimer

Please note that it is my firm policy to decline any participation in projects that are related to adult industry or spam. This is not a question of religion or prejudice, I simply believe that making world a better place starts with yourself. You are welcome to discuss that at this site if you have any wish or inspiration.

Thank you for your time and interest in reading my article. I look forward to your response!