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Convert APE, FLAC, Wavpack, Ogg, MP3 Encoded Files Under Linux

The below should work out for x86_64 platform too.

Start with

sudo yum install yasm*

Go to //supermmx.org/linux/mac , hope everything is pretty much clear to you as it was to me. (I have to heartily thank the developer from that site.) Scroll a little down and download mac-3.99-u4-b5.tar.gz to some directory and cd to it.

tar xvfz mac-3.99-u4-b5.tar.gz
cd mac-3.99-u4-b5
./configure --enable-local
sudo make install

Running mac –help should show you the following:

[user@localhost mac-3.99-u4-b5]$ mac --help
--- Monkey's Audio Console Front End (v 3.99) (c) Matthew T. Ashland ---
Proper Usage: [EXE] [Input File] [Output File] [Mode]

Compress (fast): '-c1000'
Compress (normal): '-c2000'
Compress (high): '-c3000'
Compress (extra high): '-c4000'
Compress (insane): '-c5000'
Decompress: '-d'
Verify: '-v'
Convert: '-nXXXX'

Compress: mac.exe "Metallica - One.wav" "Metallica - One.ape" -c2000
Decompress: mac.exe "Metallica - One.ape" "Metallica - One.wav" -d
Verify: mac.exe "Metallica - One.ape" -v
(note: int filenames must be put inside of quotations)

Update: mac is available with yum now, just type

sudo yum install mac

We will also need Lame, Flac, Wavpack , ID3V2, Oggenc, check it with running

sudo yum -y install flac flac-devel wavpack wavpack-devel id3lib id3v2 libid3tag ogmrip

Go to //lossless2lossy.sourceforge.net/#download and download lossless2lossy. (The script also supports ape2ape, ape2mp3, ape2ogg, ape2flac, ape2wavpack, flac2flac, flac2ape, flac2mp3, flac2ogg, flac2wavpack, wavpack2wavpack, wavpack2ape, wavpack2mp3, wavpack2ogg, wavpack2flac.)

gunzip lossless2lossy-v1.21.gz
mkdir -p ~/bin
cp lossless2lossy-v1.21 ~/bin/lossless2lossy.sh
chmod +x ~/bin/lossless2lossy.sh
lossless2lossy.sh --help

The last command should show you something like:

mac: found
wvunpack: found
flac: found
lame: found
oggenc: found
id3v2: found

lossless2lossy version 1.2 (//lossless2lossy.sourceforge.net/)

QUESTIONS, suggestions, found bugs or requests visit //sourceforge.net/projects/lossless2lossy/

[how to use lossless2lossy.sh]

To be continued with ape to m4a converting (or encoding to MPEG4 for ipod).

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