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conky: Autoload configuration for GNOME

conky is a good way to enliven your desktop alongside with saving lots of resources. Configuring conky is not very much tricky, especially if you would want to use magic command: man conky. You should have probably read my previous article on building an rpm with nvidia and images support.

As you might see from my desktop screenshot, I use already three windows with conky. To achieve such a result, first create a directory to hold the scripts.

conky on desktop, 1920x1200

conky on desktop, 1920x1200

mkdir -p ~/bin/conky
touch ~/bin/conkyatlogin
chmod a+x ~/bin/conkyatlogin
touch ~/bin/conky/cpu.conky
touch ~/bin/conky/filesystem.conky
touch ~/bin/conky/host.conky
gedit ~/bin/conkyatlogin

Copy and paste the below into conkyatlogin:
This is the script that will be launching the three conky config files we spoke above.

if [ "$(pidof conky | tr " " "\012" | wc -l)" != "0" ]; then
killall conky
sleep 8
sleep 25
if [ "$(pidof conky | tr " " "\012" | wc -l)" = "0" ]; then
sleep 1 && conky -d -c ~/bin/conky/cpu.conky &
sleep 2 && conky -d -c ~/bin/conky/filesystem.conky &
sleep 3 && conky -d -c ~/bin/conky/host.conky &

Go to menu, Preferences – Startup Applications and add the command similar to what you can see on the picture below.

conky at startup

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