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[SOLVED] Package bind.x86_64 32:9.7.2-5.P3.fc14 Broken in Fedora 14

Making routine updates yesterday on my dedicated server, I noticed that all my hosts are down and cannot be pinged with my self-hosted dns even from the server itself.

The dns deny errors looked in system log like:

Feb 12 18:30:04 indexes named[1361]: client XXX.XXX.247.254#12674: query 'xxxxxxxxxx.com/A/IN' denied

Playing around with configs for almost for the whole night did not give any good result and did not bring in any clue on what’s going on. After a zillion of desperate tries I decided to bring the system back to the state it was before the upgrade.

yum downgrade bind
service named restart

Downgrading to bind.x86_64 32:9.7.2-2.P2.fc14 brings all hosts back…

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