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Web Projects Leader, Applications Engineer, PHP / MySQL / AJAX Web Applications Developer

I am a Web Projects Leader, Applications Engineer, PHP / MySQL / AJAX Web Applications Programmer and Consultant from Ukraine, I have over 10 years of experience in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX programming freelancing. I am currently looking for a challenging position in a European company.

General highlights:

  • applications system design on the scratch, database modeling
  • resentations, consultancy, expertise for business clients
  • line management and technology leadership
  • translating business logic requirements into solution architecture
  • small to middle projects management, team management
  • freelancing experience since 2000, recommendations available in English and German, native to Russian and Ukrainian
  • roadmap development, groupware usage
  • insane about terms of project deadlines
  • agile development ready, team player
  • universal coder, “Indian” code fixer, K.I.S.S., DNR
  • PHP 3, 4 and 5, PHP 5 OOP, PEAR
  • XML, SOAP, JSON, XML-RPC, Web 2.0, mashups
  • cakephp, Zend framework, symfony, other / any
  • crossbrowser Javascript OOP, DHTML, AJAX, jquery, dojo, mootols, prototype, other / any
  • MySQL, Sphinx, database design, triggers, stored procedures
  • e-commerce, b2b, b2c, CMS, CRM, social applications, browser-based interfaces, n-tier architecture, SOA, CEA
  • Linux server, Linux for desktop (see my blog url below)
  • cvs, subversion, mercurial, trac, bugzilla, other / any
  • flexible to coding rules, code writing culture
  • writing documentation and creating job descriptions

project leader, applications engineer, consultant, Php, MySQL, Javascript, programmer, hire, web applications developer, reliable, WordPress, REST, Zend, cakephp, framework, jquery, web 2.0, CMS, CRM

Location:  Online (Ukraine), willing to relocate
Contact: Alec, Email, Resume/CV Webpage
Downloadable CV: doc, open office, pdf

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