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Professional PHP, MySQL Developer and Consultant Freelancer for Hire

A professional PHP and MySQL freelancer consultant (me) is looking for contract work (long-term employment is preferred).  My most recent experience is cakephp, mysql stored procedures, Sphinx and jquery but I am flexible to use another frameworks and libraries (make me write a new one).

Most generalized skills include:

  • freelancing experience since 2000, recommendations available in English and German
  • applications system design consulting, strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • insane about terms of project deadlines
  • hard problem solving through hard communication
  • agile development ready
  • can be an efficient team player
  • universal coder, “Indian” code fixer, KISS, DNR
  • PHP 3, 4 and 5, PHP 5 OOP, PEAR
  • XML, SOAP, JSON, XML-RPC, Web 2.0,  mashups
  • cakephp, Zend framework, symfony, other/any
  • crossbrowser Javascript OOP, DHTML, AJAX, jquery, dojo, mootols, prototype, other/any
  • MySQL, Sphinx, database design, triggers, stored procedures
  • e-commerce, b2b, b2c, CMS, CRM, social applications, browser-based interfaces, n-tier architecture, SOA, CEA
  • Linux server, Linux for desktop (see this blog)
  • cvs, subversion, mercurial, trac, bugzilla, other/any
  • flexible to coding rules, code writing culture
  • writing documentation and creating job descriptions
  • experience in human resources, knowledge of freelancing industry
  • fluent English, easy communicate/conference through skype/jabber/any

You can view my full CV with far more details, get the password to unlock it from this page.

Available within a week.

Currently the hourly rate is low for the probation period; you may define the duration of the probation period and rate/salary after it yourself.

For graphics design see my sister’s website.

Relocation to other place / country possible if you offer a good social package and competitive wages.

Headhunters and “reputable outsourcing companies” please do not bother.

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