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Lesson 7 – Maximum slice problem – MaxSliceSum demo task solution code written in php. Gives 100/100 score at the time of publishing.

The description of the problem is copyrighted, so please see the following link for it:  //codility.com/demo/take-sample-test/max_slice_sum

Solution in php:

function solution($A) {
    $cnt = count($A);
    $max_ending_here = $A[0];
    $max_so_far = $A[0];
    for($i = 1; $i < $cnt; $i++){
        $max_ending_here = max($A[$i], $max_ending_here + $A[$i]);
        $max_so_far = max($max_so_far, $max_ending_here);
    return $max_so_far;

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Please note: we think that codility.com does not give a correct assessment of your real-world programming skills. For instance, reading the below would bring more understanding why: //x20x.co.uk/2014/02/why-i-refuse-to-use-codility-and-so-should-you/