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An Experienced PHP, MySQL, Javascript Cosultant Available

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Positively a brave and cool php freelancer

A specialist with almost over 13 years of overall PHP, MySQL and JavaScript experience, is available both as a freelancer for a project or team of professionals.  My expertise embraces development for various PHP-based applications, from CRF like WordPress to frameworks like cakephp, Zend Framework and object-relational mappers like Doctrine or Propel.

I have a wide ample experience of fruitful and successful work in multicultural environments and, hopefully, people can say that my communication and professional skills allow me to be an effective team player. I am also proficient with Linux. Possessing strong skills in object-oriented programming and design patterns allows me to solve complex problems using high-end PHP-based techniques. I am able to write and utilize stored procedures and triggers in MySQL programming and administration; strong knowledge of javascript frameworks enable me to create interactive AJAX-based interfaces.


Recommendations are available in my profile on Linkedin (click View Full Profile yellow button), you can also view me at XING.

Qualifications summary


  • Applications system design on the scratch, database modelling
  • Translating business logic requirements into solution architecture
  • Presentations, consultancy, expertise for business clients
  • Insane about terms of project deadlines
  • PHP 5 OOP, PEAR, Design Patterns, GoF
  • XML, SOAP, JSON, XML-RPC, Web 2.0, mash-ups
  • Zend Framework 1, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii, other / any
  • Doctrine 1 and 2, Propel ORMs
  • PHPDoc, PHPUnit, opcode optimization, code refactoring, caching
  • HTML5, JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX, jQuery,  jQuery EasyUI, Twitter bootstrap, other / any
  • MySQL, Sphinx, database design, triggers, stored procedures
  • MySQL replication installation and administration, Percona backup
  • Google maps API, Openlayers
  • Linux on server, dedicated server, server administration
  • Linux desktop, multimedia encoding
  • Web scraping, spidering, curl, phantomjs
  • Git, subversion, CSV, mercurial, trac, Bugzilla, other / any
  • APIs integration: Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Twitter, other/any
  • E-commerce, b2b, b2c, CMS, CRM, social applications
  • Browser-based interfaces, n-tier architecture, SOA
  • Universal coder, alien code fixer, K.I.S.S., DRY, coding rules, code writing culture

Would be interested in trying new technologies like:

  • MariaDB, MongoDB and any nosql, websockets
  • Phalcon or YAF
  •  jQuery mobile, AngularJS

Location:  Online (Ukraine), open for discussion about relocation
Project development tools: Freelancing Programming
Contact: Alec, Email, Resume/CV Webpage, skype: alecksmart

Downloadable CV: doc, open office, pdf