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Fedora 10 to 11 on Acer Aspire 6930 Update with Preupgrade

Finally, I have transferred my main working laptop, Acer Aspire 6930, to Fedora 11. Fedora 11 is much faster than Fedora 10, mate, and I find it really amazing.

Before starting the upgrade process , I was updating the system in chunks during the day to make it sort of unobtrusive.

sudo yum -y update firefox php httpd mysql wine
sudo yum -y update kde*
sudo yum -y update gnome*
sudo yum -y update lib* *devel
sudo yum -y update kernel* kmod* ntfs-3g NetworkManager
sudo yum -y update

Backup mysql. Backup everything.

All the rest is described in my previous post.

Fedora 11 Yum Preupgrade

Fedora 11 Yum Preupgrade

My system has quite a pack of packages, about 2800. It took about 6 hours to upgrade everything which was quite annoying. So, I make a note for the future: always upgrade from a DVD-ROM. One more pro for DVD upgrade is that Fedora 11 comes with ext4 (more efficient) file system while I still have ext3. However, in my situation, I would spend a lot more time for transferring lots of data outside my laptop…

Anyway, everything worked out almost smoothly. Everything regarding upgrade finished, I logged in into GNOME and found out it looks not really as I expected it to (fonts, window decorations, blah). I did not want to waste my time for struggling with someone else’s bugs, so I immediately reset the look and feel to default. I logged out to the login screen and pressed Alt-Ctrl+F2 to switch to other than X console, logged in from command line and issued the following:

mv .gnome .gnome-OLD
mv .gnome2 .gnome2-OLD
mv .gnome2_private/ .gnome2_private-OLD
mv .gnome-desktop .gnome-desktop-OLD
mv .gconf .gconf-OLD
mv .gconfd .gconfd-OLD
mv .metacity .metacity-OLD

Pressing Alt-Ctrl+F7 brought me back to the X login screen, I logged in and saw GNOME in a virgin state ready to be customized. For a change, I looked at this page, downloaded the package, unpacked it and run the install script.

mkdir -p ~/software
cd  ~/software
sudo yum -y install bitstream-vera-*
wget //sourceforge.net/projects/mac4lin/files/mac4lin/Mac4Lin_v1.0.tar.gz/download
tar xvfz Mac4Lin_v1.0.tar.gz
cd Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0/

(Disclaimer: do the above at your own risk. Do everything you read here at your own risk, however…)

Anyway, my Firefox now looks something like the below piece:


Mac 4 Linux on Fedora 11 (GNOME)

Oops, they did it again… I mean they rewrote the sound stuff and brought it to an unworkable state … again …. . After I logged in next time, I realized there is no sound at all. So, after googling and some hour of experimenting, I came up to the following.

sudo yum remove pulseaudio
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/sound.conf

Insert there and save (watch for a new line to be present after the text line!):

options snd-hda-intel model=acer

sudo yum -y install pulseaudio  alsa-plugins-pulseaudio gnome-bluetooth gnome-bluetooth-libs  gnome-bluetooth-libs-devel  gnome-phone-manager  kde-settings-pulseaudio  paprefs  pulseaudio-esound-compat  pulseaudio-module-bluetooth  pulseaudio-module-gconf  pulseaudio-module-jack pulseaudio-module-lirc pulseaudio-module-x11 pulseaudio-module-zeroconf && reboot

The thing works back after running the below and adjusting all volume controls.

New Fedora 11 pulseaudio control

New Fedora 11 pulseaudio control

alsamixer -D hw:0

And the final step I did was getting rid of creativity efforts of the gdm team by switching to kdm login manager. To achieve this, I did the following:

sudo touch /etc/sysconfig/desktop
sudo gedit /etc/sysconfig/desktop

Add line:


Logon to KDE, go to System Settings -> Advanced -> Login Screen (or the like), choose whatever theme looks good for you, log out and make the system reboot.

The last thing was to bring back Alt+Ctrl+Backspace as a key shortcut for X server reload, somehow they had enough sense of humor placing it into the GNOME keyboard switcher applet which you have to run and find the below in the preferences:

Bring back Alt+Ctrl+Backspace

Bring back Alt+Ctrl+Backspace

That’s all, folks, enjoy if you are still able to…

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