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Fedora 10 Linux Install on HP Compaq Presario V6000 Laptop

The HP Compaq Presario V6000 laptop was pretty challenging for setting up Fedora 10.  The X-sever initially did not want to detect screens, so I had to play around a little with kernel parameters. Adding the following parameters resulted in a smooth installation in graphical mode (please refer to this page for more information):

noapic nolapic skipddc xdriver=vesa

I gave 56G out of 156G hard drive to /home creating a new volume.

When prompted, I chose to use Fedora 10 and Fedora 10 Updates repos, so I managed to have the most recent version of Fedora. After Fedora installed all packages the kernel parameters became:

noapic vga=791 combined_mode=libata

I logged in to GNOME as a regular user, installed yumex and added KDE environment skipped during installation, as well as the Livna repo. After a reboot, I installed Nvidia drivers. Everything works smooth.

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