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Creating an ISO image from command line

Creating an ISO Image

Here are a couple of different commands for creating an ISO image:

mkisofs -RJ -o image.iso /burndirectory/


mkisofs -J -o image.iso /burndirectory


mkisofs -o image.iso -b images/boot.img -c boot.cat -R -J -T /my/file/tree

The options (-RJ) will preserve long filenames, casing and Rock Ridge extensions (long mixed-case filenames and symbolic links for *nix).

-J  Generate Joliet directory records  in  addition  to regular iso9660 file names.  This is primarily useful when the discs are to be used on Windows-NT  or Windows-95  machines.

The  Joliet  filenames are specified in Unicode and each path component can be up to 64 Unicode characters long.

-R  Generate  SUSP  and RR records using the Rock Ridge protocol to  further  describe  the  files  on  the iso9660 filesystem.

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