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Cinelerra, a Non-Linear Video Editor in Fedora 10

I have a nice camcorder from SONY in true HD (older, non-AVHCD) format, so I need an app for non-linear video editing. I’ve heard of Cinelerra but earlier installs I attempted were not very much stable, so I decided to compile it from the source.


mkdir -p ~/software/
cd ~/software/
git clone git://git.cinelerra.org/j6t/cinelerra.git cinelerra
cd cinelerra/

Check/install dependencies:

sudo yum -y install a52dec-devel a52dec alsa-lib-devel alsa-lib faac-devel faac faad2-libs faad2-devel faad2 fftw-devel fftw-static fftw fftw2-devel fftw2 lame-devel lame-libs lame twolame twolame-devel twolame-libs libavc1394-devel libavc1394 libiec61883-utils libiec61883 libiec61883-devel libraw1394-devel libraw1394 libsndfile libsndfile-devel libvorbis-devel libvorbis libogg-devel libogg liboggz-devel liboggz libpng-devel libpng libpng10-devel libpng10 libjpeg-devel libjpeg libjpeg-static libtiff-devel libtiff libtiff-static tritonus-esd esound-devel esound-libs freetype-devel freetype freetype-freeworld freetype1-devel freetype1 freetype1-utils mjpegtools-libs mjpegtools-devel mjpegtools y4mscaler OpenEXR-devel OpenEXR x264-libs x264 x264-devel gettext-devel gettext gettext-libs automake autoconf libtool libdv-devel libdv amrnb-devel amrnb amrwb-tools binutils-devel binutils arm-gp2x-linux-binutils mingw32-binutils libgsm

Generate configure script and run it:

./configure --prefix=/usr

You should see an invitation to run make, otherwise check the output from configure for missing any important components.

sudo make install
su -
echo "0x7fffffff" > /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax

Now you should find Cinelerra icon in Applications->Multimedia. The result is below.

Cinelerra compiled for Fedora 10 x86_64

Cinelerra compiled for Fedora 10 x86_64

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