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Building phantomjs on Fedora 14

PhantomJS is an headless browser based on an embedded webkit, suitable for testing of web applications involving JavaScript usage where simpler tools do not cut it.

sudo yum -y install cups-devel NetworkManager-devel mysql-devel postgresql-develĀ  unixODBC-devel freetds-devel xorg-x11-server-devel sqlite-devel qt-webkit-devel qt-devel
mkdir -p ~/software/phantom
cd ~/software/phantom
git clone //github.com/jbraeuer/phantomjs-rpms.git .

Edit .spec file:

gedit  ~/software/phantom/SPECS/phantomjs-1.3.0.spec

Change all instances of “qt47” to “qt”; in line 47, change “qmake-qt47” to “qmake-qt4”. Save and close.

./rpm SPECS/phantomjs-1.3.0.spec
sudo yum install ~/software/phantom/RPMS/x86_64/phantomjs-1.3.0-9.fc14.x86_64.rpm --nogpgcheck


phantomjs --version
---> 1.3.0

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