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Asus Eee PC 1001HA: Fedora 12 to 13 Upgrade with Preupgrade

I have recently updated my second laptop, DELL D820, to Fedora 13 using a live KDE CD. This was a clean install because, actually, I did not use the upgrade mechanism and formatted the root partition. The overall impression of the installation was solid, and I decided to see what it should look like with my little friend, I mean – Asus Eee PC 1001HA

First of all, I made the recommended things:

sudo yum update
sudo yum install preupgrade
sudo leafpad /etc/yum.conf

Then cleaned the parameters from /etc/yum.conf which blocked kernel upgrade (find and comment the line if exists):


Now, one can, actually, upgrade:

sudo yum cleamn all
sudo preupgrade

After everything had been completed, I downloaded and installed all kernel packages from fedora-netbook.com. eee-control was more usable but still I do not recommend to waste your time.

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